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The History of Hula

Hula is one of Hawaii’s most iconic art forms, dating back to the time of the gods. The origins of hula have long been debated, often associated with Laka, goddess of hula, and Pele, goddess of fire. Since the time of these Hawaiian legends, hula has endured as vitally important to the perpetuation of Hawaiian culture.

With the revitalization of hula under the reign of King David Kalakaua, the style of hula transitioned from the kahiko form, accompanied by oral chants, to hula auana, the dance we see so often performed with accompanying ukulele or other stringed instruments. Today hula is celebrated throughout the islands, with events like the Merrie Monarch Festival and the Prince Lot Hula Festival paying tribute this beautiful and one-of-a-kind art form.

Here at Star of Honolulu, you’ll enjoy live hula performances even before you board the ship! From our nightly pier-side welcome hula to the exciting “60 Years of Aloha” show, which celebrates both traditional hula as well as Tahitian and Maori dance, we keep you entertained non-stop as you sit back, relax, and enjoy your cruise.


Interested in learning how to dance hula?
Check out our video below !