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Educational Cruise Program Extended!

For the eighth straight year, Star of Honolulu is proud to offer Hawaii’s public school keiki, grades 2 to 5, an opportunity to observe and learn about Hawaii’s annual whale visitors and local dolphin inhabitants. The Premier Whale Watch, Early Bird Whale Watch, and Wild Dolphin Watch cruises make for a fun and educational experience, including an interactive keiki program and guided observation from a crew of Certified Naturalists.

Our Whale Watch cruises are offered daily from December 15, 2014 to April 15, 2015, while our Dolphin Watch is offered daily year-round. Suggest to your child’s teacher, or apply if you are a teacher yourself, and give your students an experience they’ll always remember! Sponsored cruises may be awarded if group meets certain criteria; please click here for more details.

Hawaii Public School Whale Watching Activity