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Virtual Tour

The Star of Honolulu’s state of the art facilities feature 4 decks of beautifully designed ballrooms, panoramic walk-around decks and a 60 foot high observation deck. Step aboard through our virtual tours!

Star of Honolulu Vessel Profile

Location: Oahu, Aloha Tower Marketplace, Pier 8

Street Address: 1 Aloha Tower Drive, Honolulu, Hawaii 96813

Total Capacity: 1,500-person

Length: 232 feet

Width: 45 feet

Type: 4-deck tour vessel equipped with 3 types of stabilizers

ADA-Compliant: Only Hawaiian cruise ship with 2 elevators

Certifications: U.S. Coast Guard certified. Certified to go beyond Diamond Head.

Spacious Decks: 4 walk-around decks for unbeatable views including a 60' high observation deck

State of the Art Facilities: Culinary facilities, sound systems, bars, and restrooms on every deck; flat screen TVs available in some rooms.

Awards: Outstanding Passenger Vessel Design


Observation Deck

Our open-air observation sun deck rises 60 feet above the ocean providing panoramic vistas and lounge chairs.

Super Nova Room, 4th Deck

Capacity for Table Service: 130 seats

Beautiful ballroom with exquisite Art Deco style interior, private bar, waiting lounge, restrooms, baby grand piano, sound system, air-conditioning, and private lanais.

Super Nova Dining Room, 4th Deck
Constellation Ballroom, 3rd Deck

Constellation Ballroom, 3rd Deck

Capacity for Table Service: 320 seats

Beautiful open-air ballroom, sound and lighting system, panoramic walk-around verandas with bar, cocktail and restrooms located just outside the ballroom.

Galaxy Lounge, 2nd Deck

Capacity for Table Service: 78 seats

Private dining lounge surrounded by large panoramic windows, private bar, restroom, air-conditioning, sound system and private lanai.

Galaxy Lounge, 2nd Deck
Galaxy Ballroom, 2nd Deck

Galaxy Ballroom, 2nd Deck

Capacity for Table Service: 386 seats

Beautifully decorated open-air ballroom can be divided into 4 banquet rooms, each equipped with own sound system. Panoramic walk-around veranda, lanai bars are located just outside the dining room.

Star Lounge, 1st Deck

Capacity for Table Service: 88 seats

Perfect for private events with panoramic views. Equipped with own bar, sound system and air-conditioning.

Star Lounge, 1st Deck
Star Ballroom, 1st Deck

Star Ballroom, 1st Deck

Capacity for Table Service: 340 seats

Beautiful ballroom can be divided into 2 banquet rooms. Equipped with own sound system, air-conditioning, lanai bars and restrooms just outside dining room.